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NTSC Colors & You


NTSC colors on a CRT can be very picky sometimes. Here's how I made my website more readable, and how you can do it too


CRTs are not the same as computer monitors. Something that may look fine on the oldest of PC monitors may look terrible on a CRT. If you want to make your site readable on a CRT, the first thing to do is make sure it isn't already readable on a CRT. If you don't have a CRT or WebTV box, get one of your friends to test it on their CRT. If you conclude that your website is too hard to read on a CRT, there's two things I would do.

First, I would try making the text bold. After that, I would use the Color Picker. All you do is put in your background color, and it will give you a different color that looks better on a CRT. After using these tips, your site should be readable on pretty much any TV.