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CMD Keys


If you've ever used a WebTV keyboard, you've probably noticed the CMD key. I'll show you what it does, and how you can use it to make your life easier.


The CMD key is like the CTRL key on computers. You can use it to do normal things like copy and paste text in a text box, but you can also use it to do WebTV things.

If you want to copy some text from a text box, you would use CMD+C. Similarly, you would use CMD+V to paste it. You can also use CMD+Left/Right arrow to jump to the beginning or end of a text box. You can use CMD+A to select everything, and you can use CMD+Delete to delete a line of text.

But that's just for text editing, you can also use the CMD key for shortcuts to things in the options panel. You can use CMD+F to open the Find panel, CMD+Y to open the Messenger panel, and CMD+P to print. You can also use CMD+Power to hang up the phone, and you can use CMD+Options to show the advanced bar (if you box doesn't do that automatically). Next, you can use CMD+W to open the PIP window and CMD+M to move it.

In the Address Book panel, you can hit CMD+Any letter to jump to the first contact with that as the first letter in their name. You can use CMD+G to search for the next occurrence of a string after using the find panel, or you can use CMD+B to search for the previous occurrence. You can use CMD+R to reload a page and CMD+Scroll Up/Down to jump to the top or bottom of a page. Finally, you can use CMD+CTRL to see the URL of a link.